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Hongke rotary kiln uses horizontal rotation technology to decompose material strongly

Published 2018/5/14 8:19:15

The rotary kiln produced by Hong Ke is a kind of rotary rotary equipment, which can be used as a new type of machine for burning, such as cement raw material, ceramsite raw material, active lime and so on. It is equipped with high efficiency and rotation of the cement production line, the Tao Taoli production line and the lime production line. It has high speed production capacity and can be adjusted. The feed amount of the whole material in the whole kiln is very important in the industrial fields of various places because of the horizontal rotary operation, which is more important in the industrial fields of all parts. The auxiliary equipment of the auxiliary machine generally includes the preheater and the cooling machine.Rotary Kiln
First, the rotary kiln base of the rotary kiln is steel structure. High temperature resistance and high wear resistance are used in the kiln, and the deformation and reinforcement devices are set at the bottom of the kiln.
Secondly, with the large gear in the gear drive kiln, the power is provided by the motor, and the wheel is made by casting steel parts to prevent the wheel from wearing for a long time.
Third, the machine, which is produced by Hong Ke company, contains automatic adjusting device to quickly adjust the running speed and grain intake of the equipment. It can real-time react the internal burning condition through the professional equipment in real time. It can be produced continuously for 24 hours continuously. Besides, it is equipped with advanced prevention ring device.
Hong Ke company has been committed to providing the best quality and the best comprehensive sale, pre sale, after sale experience for the users, to the user’s continuous feedback of the user’s convenience for the use of innovation, to provide users with a key to start automatic production of efficient operation, let users in a short time to speed up, to ensure that the equipment is positive. It is often transported. It is widely used in various industries, such as various kinds of refractories, chemical environmental protection industry, light burning of dolomite, soda, phosphate fertilizer, barium sulfide, and so on. It has strong ability to decompose and reduce power consumption. In the process of production, the dust collector is used for environmental protection, especially important parts and bearings, and these important parts are separated. Apart from sealing, its failure is smaller than that of traditional rotary kiln equipment. It is the best choice for the traditional equipment with high energy consumption and low production in China.
The technical features of the roasting equipment for the rotary rotary kiln of Hong Ke:
1, mainly composed of kiln body, motor, supporting wheel, bracket and so on.
2. The material is rolled under the driving of the big gear and contacts with the high temperature to fully decompose the material.
3, the material will pass through the preheater before entering the kiln, and will produce a pre decomposition effect on the material, forming a powerful decomposition ability.

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