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Rotary Kiln Equipment Should Reduce Incomplete Combustion Caused by Excessive Coal Consumption or Insufficient Air Flow

Published 2019/7/24 15:38:48

When we operate rotary kiln equipment, we must follow the operating rules, otherwise we will create a circuit, which will have a certain impact on the equipment, such as increasing equipment load, wasting energy, reducing production, etc., but we can also take certain measures to solve it.

rotary kiln

In fact, the main reason for the circle is improper operation. Specifically, the amount of the upper slope is too large, the drying effect is poor, the green ball bursts, the powder is serious, resulting in poor air permeability, so the effect of induced draft fan convulsion flame is not obvious. One is the amount of liquid phase with a certain viscosity; the other is the temperature difference between flue gas, material and lining.
The raw materials are effectively screened and all limestone in the kiln is washed with water. It ensures the cleanliness of kiln limestone and reduces the content of liquid phase material. Choose the right kind of coal: select high melting point, low ash, high calorific value, high volatile coal, greatly improve production efficiency. In order to ensure the combustion efficiency of pulverized coal, the coal source is as stable as possible. Stable pulverized coal combustion efficiency is the precondition to prevent ring formation. If there is unburned pulverized coal in the kiln, even if the pulverized coal with high ash melting point is used, the liquid phase can not be avoided.
Standardize the working parameters, stabilize the thermal system, control the fineness of pulverized coal, reduce incomplete combustion caused by excessive coal consumption or insufficient air flow, and avoid the formation of reducing atmosphere. Controlling the fineness and moisture of pulverized coal, prolonging the ringing time, effectively drying pulverized coal, reducing the water content of pulverized coal to less than 1%, and controlling the fineness of pulverized coal to 200 meshes. Less than 3%, effectively prolong the knot time.
In production, it is required to see pyrotechnics workers strictly implement process parameters to prevent incompatibility between feed and kiln speed, and to prevent the occurrence of ringing problems caused by uneven feeding.
It is found that the circuit generated by rotary kiln should be treated as soon as possible. When the thickness of the joint exceeds 300 mm, the cold-firing method should be adopted. Return to the coal pipe, shut down the first and second air properly, keep the flame stable, reduce the feed rate, cool the coal, move the position of the coal gun, and quickly rotate the kiln to cool, so that the network generates thermal stress and cracks until it burns. Put it down. If there is an increasing trend in the circle, the intensity of cold combustion will increase and the cooling rate will increase. The fire will stop for 30 minutes every 2 hours. The circle will drop to normal within about two days. The circular method has less damage to refractories in kilns, and the effect is remarkable.

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