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Why is the temperature of rotary kiln not high enough?

Published 2019/11/29 13:32:11

The calcination of rotary kiln equipment is to use high temperature. In the process of calcination, it is a very technical work to see the fire. First of all, it is necessary to be conscientious and responsible, and master the skills of burning, so as to calcine high-quality materials. Because the low temperature in the kiln directly affects the calcination effect of the materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of the temperature in the kiln, so what’s wrong with the temperature rise of the rotary kiln?
When the firing temperature of rotary kiln equipment changes from normal to low temperature, the color of the fire becomes darker and the black shadow moves forward. At this time, coal shall be added in time; when the material changes from less to more, the flame shortens, and the back of the firing zone changes from light to dark, and coal shall be added as soon as possible.
With the increase of pulverized coal, the primary air should also be increased to ensure that the coal air is fully mixed and the combustion is rapid and complete. At this time, the firing zone in the rotary kiln equipment presents a slightly short and powerful flame. When the fire color ratio is normal, it is bright. The kiln skin in the kiln is white and the black shadow is relatively close. There are more fine powder materials in the clinker. When the cooler is lowered, the dust is raised greatly. When the clinker out of the cooler is green gray, there are many small holes after smashing.
If the temperature in the kiln can not be effectively controlled by the above measures and continues to develop to low temperature, the slow train shall be started as early as possible, the exhaust air shall be properly turned down after the slow train, and the tail temperature shall be kept unchanged and the flame shall be concentrated.
Otherwise, the temperature will continue to drop, the color of fire will turn red from pink, the amount of fine clinker powder burned will continue to increase, and the rolling will not be good. The structure of black green clinker will be loose, and there will be many holes after smashing, and the lifting weight will be about 1200 g. if this happens, the kiln must be opened slowly, the exhaust air must be turned off, and the temperature in the kiln will be burned up, otherwise the temperature will be lower, the clinker will lose the rolling property like sand, and slide down the kiln wall, Waste products will be produced, causing losses to production. Once this happens, the rotary kiln equipment must be shut down. This is a special measure that has to be taken. Generally, it is forbidden to use.

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