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Four Drive Installation Requirements of the Dryer

Published 2020/8/4 11:18:21

The dryer is a processing equipment for processing high-humidity materials. Because of its reliable operation, large operating flexibility, strong adaptability, and large processing capacity, it is very popular among river sand and yellow sand processing enterprises. Next, the requirements for installation of the drive are introduced in detail.
  1, the dryer rotates at a low speed, but the speed of the transmission motor is relatively high, so the transmission system decelerates relatively, so the deceleration system of the dryer must be reasonably selected;
  2, the appearance and weight are relatively large, and a large circumferential force will be generated on the low-speed gear, so you must pay attention to the requirements of large speed ratio and large torque on the parts;
  3, when the dryer is started, not only the frictional torque between the supporting roller shaft and the bearing, but also the moment of inertia of the rotating drum and the material should be restrained, so a motor with a large starting torque should be selected;
  4, pay attention to the time required for the material to complete physical and chemical changes in the equipment.
   Transmission installation is one of the main components of the dryer. In order to ensure long-term safe operation, in addition to the requirement of ensuring the horizontal rigidity and vertical flexibility of the sand, the stable and reliable transmission is an important condition. The above four points are the requirements that need to be paid attention to in the transmission installation. I hope the above introduction can help everyone!

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