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Bangladeshi Customers Come to Our Company to Inspect Lime Rotary Kiln Equipment

Published 2020/12/21 8:58:57

Bangladesh is located in the north of the Bay of Bengal. A small part of the southeast mountainous area is adjacent to Myanmar. It is adjacent to India on the east, west and north. There are still a large number of enclaves on the northern border. The total area of the country is 147570 square kilometers. It is rich in natural gas, Limestone, hard rock, coal, lignite, silica, silica, kaolin and other natural resources, this time I came to our company to inspect the lime rotary kiln equipment with a daily output of 150 tons. The following is a group photo of the general manager of our company’s foreign trade department with customers in Bangladesh:

Bangladeshi Customers Come to Our CompanyBangladeshi Customers Come to Our CompanyLime Kiln

Technical characteristics of lime rotary kiln:

1. The lime rotary kiln has an advanced structure, and the vertical preheater with low pressure loss can effectively improve the preheating effect. After preheating, the decomposition rate of limestone into the kiln can reach 20-25%, and the 10-15mm fine-grain grade can be directly used limestone;

2. Reliable lime rotary kiln combined type scale seal at both ends of the rotary kiln. Use composite refractory materials to make the air leakage coefficient less than 10% to reduce radiant heat loss;

3. Lime rotary kiln filled, circular or square vertical cooler with zone ventilation, the lime temperature out of the cooler is 800C + ambient temperature, which is convenient for transportation and storage, and can preheat the secondary air entering the kiln to 7000C Above, moving parts and special materials are reduced.

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