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Operation Inspection Steps of Electric Heating Rotary Kiln

Published 2021/2/3 8:36:16

During the operation of the electric heating rotary kiln, with the extension of time, the parts will be worn, which will reduce the reliability of the equipment in operation, and even affect the output of the rotary kiln. The operation inspection steps are as follows:
1. First of all, we need to know whether the operation system under the vehicle is normal and whether the vehicle can be transported to the required position.
2. Sealing between kilns
3. The actual operation situation of the track in the kiln, whether there are deformation parts, and whether it will affect the operation of the kiln car.
4. Whether the thermal insulation performance of rotary kiln is damaged, and whether the heat dissipation will increase after use.
5. For the sand sealing groove in the kiln, check whether it is deformed and whether it will affect the sealing.
6. Whether the cooling air system operates well.
7. Whether the waste heat extraction and exhaust system work normally, and whether it affects the normal operation of the kiln.
8. Whether there are cracks on the rotary kiln, whether there will be air leakage in the kiln, and whether it can be repaired.
9. Whether the ventilation pipe is blocked, and whether the ventilation of the whole kiln is unobstructed.

10. Check whether the inner passage is smooth, whether there are obstacles affecting the car bottom cooling system, and whether the car bottom cooling fan operates well.

Electric Heating Rotary Kiln

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