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The Method to Solve the Brick Falling of the Rotary Kiln

Published 2021/3/5 9:50:46

During the drying process of the rotary kiln, bricks often fall off, which seriously affects the normal use of the kiln. Many users do not know the reasons for this phenomenon in the kiln, so there is no way to solve the problem. To start, in order to solve your doubts, the details can be understood through the following.
When the kiln skin of the rotary kiln is not hung properly; the body of the rotary kiln is overheated and deformed, and the inner wall is uneven; the quality of the lining of the rotary kiln is not high or is not replaced on schedule after being thinned; the middle line of the rotary kiln is not straight; The tire belt and the backing plate are severely worn, and when the gap is too large, the radial deformation of the cylinder will increase; these problems will cause the phenomenon of spinning.
We can strengthen the batching work and calcination operation for the treatment of the bricks dropped in the dryer kiln; strictly control the gap between the tyre and the backing plate near the firing belt. When the gap is too large, the backing plate should be replaced or adjusted in time to prevent harm Reduce the wear caused by long-term movement between the backing plates, add lubricant between the tyre and the backing plate; ensure that the red kiln must stop, repair or replace the excessively deformed cylinder in time; regularly correct the middle line of the rotary kiln cylinder, Adjust the position of the supporting roller; select high-quality kiln linings to improve the quality of inlays, strictly control the kiln lining service cycle, check the brick thickness in time, and replace worn-out rotary kiln linings in time.
With regard to the causes of brick falling in the rotary kiln, we have also learned in detail through the above, we have also formulated corresponding solutions for the reasons, so as to reduce the occurrence of kiln failures as much as possible, and through its methods, it can also be fundamentally implemented. The solution of the problem effectively promotes the later use of efficiency.

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