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What is the Sealing Structure of Rotary Kiln?

Published 2022/4/23 16:42:21

Rotary kiln is widely used in many production industries such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and environmental protection to mechanically, physically or chemically treat solid materials. This kind of equipment is called rotary kiln. It has a very special sealing structure. Let’s have a look.
(1) The outlet direction of the secondary and tertiary lamps of the rotary kiln is also optimized, which can strongly disturb the concentration distribution of volatilization in the rotary kiln and accelerate the mixing speed of volatilization and air, so as to accelerate the combustion of volatilization An insulating layer is added between the metal pipe and the castable of the secondary and tertiary air ducts to reduce the heat transfer between the castable and the metal pipe and improve the service life of the secondary and tertiary air ducts.
(2) Through the optimization design scheme of rotary kiln equipment and long-term analysis, it is understood that in the design of rotary kiln equipment, the new sealing technology of kiln head and kiln tail is used, and the new sealing structure of the combination of radial contact graphite block seal tightened by heavy hammer and axial labyrinth seal is adopted This sealing structure can limit the amount of cold air entering the kiln head and kiln tail, so as to reduce the carbon burning loss of petroleum coke The optimization of the lining design of rotary kiln can reduce the heat loss of kiln skin At the same time, due to the expansion of the diameter of the rotary kiln preheater, the flue gas flow rate at the sealing ring at the rotary kiln tail is reduced, and the amount of powder entering the combustion chamber with the flue gas is reduced, so as to improve the actual yield of the rotary kiln.
(3) The strengthened control of rotary kiln equipment, the increase of rotating speed and production capacity, that is, the increase of chain control circuit of process operation, can change the whole calcination process from manual adjustment to automatic control, supplemented by manual adjustment, so as to avoid the disadvantages of large deviation of manual adjustment In this way, the rotation speed of the rotary kiln can be greatly improved on the premise that other variables of the rotary kiln are stable and the quality of calcined coke is guaranteed.
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