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Rotary Kiln Maintenance Skills: Teach You How to Prolong the Service Life of Rotary Kiln!

Published 2022/5/12 17:27:43

Rotary kiln is also called rotary calcining kiln and rotary kiln. It is very important to buy a high-quality rotary kiln, but the maintenance of the rotary kiln during use is more important, which can prolong the life of the rotary kiln! What is the safe use of rotary kiln? How to use it safely and effectively, which is also a manifestation of extending the life of the machine, then how to maintain it? Hongke Heavy Industry gives you some tips for maintaining the rotary kiln.

1. Check the gas and cooling water pipes for air leakage, water leakage or blockage. If there is any problem, it should be repaired in time. When overhauling, the "listing" maintenance system should be implemented. Wait for the words, cut off the power when using it, just in case.

2. Shut down the kiln for maintenance, the maintenance team leaders of each part should obtain the maintenance "work permit" from the person in charge of the rotary kiln. Before turning the kiln, they must notify the maintenance personnel of each location to arrange the tools, all personnel must stay away from their posts, and take back the "work permit" , before turning the kiln. In case of unsafe conditions, the maintenance team leader of the unsafe parts shall be responsible. If the work permit is not completed and the kiln is turned, and it is unsafe, the kiln operator shall be responsible. After the rotary kiln is completed, the maintenance "work permit" shall be sent to each maintenance post at any time to indicate that the rotary kiln is completed, and then the maintenance can be continued. When the overhaul is completed, the overhaul "work permit" will be returned to the person in charge of the rotary kiln immediately, and the inspection and commissioning will be passed.

3. Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to contact the relevant post personnel, and it can be started only after approval. Equipment in operation cannot be overridden or repaired. As for whether the equipment is running, when the judgment is unclear, it is not allowed to test by touching it with hands and feet, so as to avoid being injured by the running machine.

4. Always pay attention to equipment operation, gas combustion and drying of raw materials during work. In the event of a sudden fire in the combustion chamber, the gas valve should be closed immediately to avoid gas poisoning. Contact the gas station before shutting down the kiln. Stop feeding first, and then gradually reduce the amount of gas according to the kiln temperature. After the gas is turned off, the blower can be turned off. After 16 hours of extinguishing the fire, the kiln can be stopped and the cooling water shall be turned off. When there is no load on the trough steel conveyor belt, stop the operation, and then stop the dust collector after 2 minutes.

5. When entering the kiln to remove the kiln skin or make a circle, you must wear work clothes and safety helmets (all the braids of lesbians should be put into the safety helmet, high temperature shoes, gloves, masks, and fire-proof bricks or kiln skin to burn or bruise) . When checking the pulverized coal bunker (or cleaning it), there should be no less than two people, in case after entering the pulverized coal bunker, inhaling a large amount of pulverized coal into the nostrils and fainting or inhaling excessive CO poisoning and no one rescues them.

6. When the pulverized coal is naturally outside the warehouse, use a sulfur-alkali fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. It cannot be poured with water, because the fineness of the pulverized coal is very fine and fluid, and it flows like water when it is slightly vibrated. When poured with water, it is easy to disperse the pulverized coal, and the fire spreads with it. When the pulverized coal catches fire in the warehouse, the coal mill should be notified to immediately stop feeding coal into the warehouse, and it is strictly forbidden to open the entrance hole to prevent contact with fresh oxygen. , before putting pulverized coal into the warehouse.

7. After the kiln is fired, when the coal is fired for the first time, except the operator and relevant personnel, the rest of the personnel must leave the kiln head to prevent the pulverized coal from burning violently, the gas volume expands, and tempering occurs and burns people. After the kiln is stopped, it is strictly forbidden to waterproof the kiln to prevent the steam explosion from hurting people when the kiln is turned. When dismantling the kiln skin, it is allowed to spray a small amount of water to the kiln skin for cooling, but when the kiln is rotated, no one is allowed to stand at the kiln head. "The red kiln must be stopped, and it is strictly forbidden to press and make up." This is to prevent the kiln body from being bent, deformed and oxidized. The deformation of the kiln body is not easy to build and replenish materials, and it is easy to cause a turning accident during operation, which affects the operation cycle of the kiln and endangers the service life of the cylinder.

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