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Problems That May Occur Due to Excessive Temperature During Lime Calcination

Published 2022/6/15 10:13:06

In the process of lime calcination, the temperature in the active lime rotary kiln should be controlled to produce high-quality clinker. Therefore, the temperature has a direct impact on the quality of the clinker. Some users will increase the firing temperature of the equipment, but this operation is not appropriate. The following problems may occur due to the high temperature during lime calcination?
1. Excessive temperature is easy to cause dehydration of dihydrate gypsum, making lime into hemihydrate gypsum, or even anhydrite, causing false coagulation of lime, and agglomeration of cement in the warehouse, affecting the quality;

2. High-temperature lime will make the packaging bag brittle, and the damage rate will be high; secondly, low-quality lime will bring problems to our sales.

3. The high temperature makes the lime agglomerate due to electrostatic attraction, reducing the powder efficiency and output;

4. The body temperature is high, and the normal operation of the mill is threatened;

5. The high temperature lime entering the powder separator will affect its dispersing performance, reduce the powder selection efficiency, and also reduce the lime output;

6. The high temperature of lime not only produces rapid setting, but also affects the construction performance of lime and the compatibility of concrete admixtures.

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