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Nine Problems and Solutions of Jaw Crusher in Operation

Published 2022/6/16 15:29:13

Jaw crusher is commonly known as jaw broken, also known as tiger mouth. It is an earlier crushing equipment, which is still widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry and other departments because of its simple structure, firmness, reliable operation, easy maintenance and repair, and relatively low production and construction costs. Due to the poor working environment of the jaw crusher, it is easy to have some problems or failures in the process of use. Here are 9 problems and solutions that are easy to occur in the process of use of the jaw crusher.

jaw crusher

1. The broken toothed plate shakes, and the impact sound of metal can be heard.
Cause: the crushing chamber lining plate or crushing toothed plate is loose, and the fixing bolt is loose or broken.
Solution: stop the vehicle for inspection, knock the fixed wedge iron on the side wall with a hammer, and then tighten the fixed bolts or replace the damaged bolts.
2. Impact sound is generated in the thrust plate support pad.
Cause: the spring tension is insufficient or damaged, and the supporting pad of the thrust plate is worn.
Solution: adjust the spring tension or replace the spring, and replace the supporting pad or thrust plate.
3. The connecting rod head produces an impact sound.
Cause: eccentric shaft bushing is worn.
Solution: re grind or replace the bushing.
4. Particle size of crushed products increases
Cause: the lower part of the broken toothed plate is severely worn.
Solution: adjust the ore discharge port, reduce the size of the ore discharge port, or replace the broken toothed plate by 180 degrees.
5. After passing the iron, the supporting jaw stops swinging, the connecting rod swings back and forth, and the pull rod spring is loose.
Cause: the thrust plate is damaged or the rivet is cut off during iron passing.
Solution: replace the new force plate. Strengthen the iron removal work, and prohibit non broken objects from falling into the crushing chamber.
6. The thrust plate falls off from the support pad
Cause: the pull rod or pull rod spring is damaged, and the pull rod nut trips.
Solution: replace the damaged parts and reinstall the thrust plate.
7. The flywheel swings significantly, and the eccentric shaft rotates slowly.
Cause: the connecting key between belt pulley and eccentric shaft is loose or damaged.
Solution: replace the connection key.
8. The rolling bearing is hot.
Causes and solutions: if the oil quantity is insufficient, add it; If the oil quality is not good, replace the oil; Adjust if the assembly is too tight; If the belt is too tight, loosen it.
9. The main engine cannot rotate after power transmission.
Cause: the motor is burned or broken, and the belt is too loose.
Solution: repair the motor or fasten the belt.
The above is about the 9 problems and solutions that are easy to occur in the use of jaw crushers. If you want to know more about jaw crushers, you are welcome to call or online consultation and leave messages. Hongke heavy industry will send professionals to answer your questions.

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