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Attention Must Be Paid to the Air Leakage of the Dryer

Published 2022/8/12 17:29:36

What should I do if there is air leakage in the drying equipment? This is not a small problem. Once the drying equipment leaks, the entire equipment will have operating problems. At this time, everyone may think about the failure problem, which will lead to scrambling to check the parts. , but it was only later that everyone found out that it was just a leak. In fact, a small problem can lead to a big problem. I hope everyone attaches great importance to this air leakage problem.
If the dryer is working, the air leakage is mainly manifested in the contact surface between the equipment and the hood, and the contact position between the product door and the hood, tail, smoke chamber, etc., from the surface, it is air leakage, but it is caused by different places. The impact is different, but the same thing is that the efforts made by the fan will be wasted and the power consumption will be increased. When the air leakage of the dryer changes, the balance between the precalciner and the machine air will be changed.
The air leakage at the head of the equipment will affect the first air intake, thereby reducing the temperature of the air and increasing the heat consumption. It also increases the amount of carbon monoxide emitted by the equipment, causing condensation in the rising flue.
Although the problem of air leakage is not a particularly big problem, it is a relatively common problem. However, if this problem is not solved, it may cause major problems, which is also a special kind of mechanical failure. Therefore, do not evade this problem in any way, and do not think that air leakage is a small problem, but it is not the case.

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